I used to be terrible at staying in touch with friends. It’s a habit I’ve been developing since high-school. Missed phone calls, not replying to texts, no-shows. Cheers to anyone who ended up being a victim of mine. A straight-up terrible person.

Naturally, there is an origin story behind it, but that’s not important now. What is important is that I used to be terrible at staying in touch with friends.

But I am not anymore. I choose not to be this way any longer.

It was time to take my iron-willed self-development war machine to a new front.

I’ve been contemplating this a lot recently. This gave me some food for thought, as well as discussing life with my beloved parents. Finally I realized it was time to take my iron-willed self-development war machine to a new front.

If I can be so thorough and disciplined in other areas of life, do my work as planned, go to the gym without skipping a workout, read daily and pretty much complete whatever plans I put in front of myself, why wouldn’t I be able to change this as well?

Sure I can.

So how would I tackle this? It didn’t take long to realize that most projects I manage to complete always start with some sort of visualization. Putting things on paper. Drawing. Making them more tangible.

So I did this. Witness my Tree of Friends:


Clearly, it didn’t take me more than 5 minutes of work in my notepad, answering the following questions:

  • Who I care about?
  • Who cares about me?
  • Who have I neglected?

I scanned the picture and carry it around with me in Evernote. When I get back home I will post it at my desk as a constant, visual reminder of where I should channel my friendship energy.

The idea is simple. To look at it daily and ask myself: “When was the last time I reached out?”

And to do it.

Stay in touch with your friends.

P.S. I didn’t want to disappoint anyone, so I blurred out the names. If you made it to the list then you can be sure that I am not letting our relationship die out! Things have changed for good in this department.

Do you struggle keeping in touch with people as well? How do you manage this?


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  • Piotr Wieczerzak

    Good read! I came to similar conclusions in my life and started with a small “experiment’ of spending 5 minutes a day to make an effort to contact someone I haven’t spoke to for a while. I’ll try “visualisation” method as well! Thanks

    • Hi Piotr. That’s a great idea as well, especially that it has potential of becoming a routine. I’ll consider trying this one too by perhaps combining it with the visual approach. Thank you for the insight.

  • I used to have the same problem. Always busy, not having time to give a buzz or even to write a short massage and when I appear on someone’s birthday party i was there just for one hour explaining myself that ” I do have a lot of staff to do today”. This all led to shallow relations.
    After making exercise from one of Covey’s book I understood it will lead to nowhere, so I have decided to change it – I have add to my weekly to do list task “stay in touch with xxxx” and it works 🙂