What is Value?

Got product? Service offering? Starting a new project which needs to gather acceptance? Selling yourself as freelancer or a job-interview candidate? Your value is subjective. How your customers and audiences will evaluate it (and how much they will pay for it) it’s not up to them. It’s up to you.

I. Build your value with…

Influential Messages

Unlock the power of social sciences and secrets of market leaders in creating messaging that resonates with your audience, sticks in their memory and makes your value stand out in comparison to competition.

Influential Messages will allow you to:

  • Make your sales, marketing or leadership message convincing, persuasive and memorable
  • Apply latest findings in social psychology and studies of the human brain to get your audiences attention
  • Trigger buying decisionin your customer base

You have something great to offer and your message is your way to let the world know. Do it right.


II. Deliver Your Value with…

Skillful Presentations

Have your Influential Message ready? Great start. Now learn how to deliver that message confidently in front of your key audiences, for maximum effectiveness and clarity. 

Skillful Presentations will allow you to:

  • Ensure attentive curiosity from your customers
  • Use your body language effectively to persuade and build trust
  • Motivate your audiences to act

It’s not about perfection. It’s about educated authenticity. Do it right.


III. Maintain Your Value with…

Flexible Negotiations Approach

You have skilfully delivered your Influential Message. It’s time for the final round. Learn how to secure and defend your value for maximum profit. Deflect attempts to sell yourself short and cave in to the tensions of negotiation.

Flexible Negotiations Approach will allow you to:

  • Apply rules of effective negotiation both in preparation and execution
  • Build confidence in asking for the things you need
  • Create lasting relationships through negotiation

World-class negotiation is counter-intuitive. Following your gut-feeling is a sure way to failure. Can you afford it? Do it right.


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