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  • Writer on how to communicate for success in every situation
  • Business trainer delivering classroom sessions on presenting, sales and negotiations in Europe
  • Teacher of Public Speaking at WSB University in Wroclaw
  • Co-founder of the first English-speaking Toastmasters club in Wroclaw
  • Life-long learner focused on developing mental, spiritual, emotional and physical strength

My story

If I have to name one thing I learned over the years of ups and downs, that would be it…

It certainly was to mine…

It all started many years ago when I unintentionally mumbled something I could even barely hear myself. During a meeting, at the company where I worked at the time, it turned out my manager could not go for a client training business trip, due to other duties.

So what? – I hear you asking, and I’d high-five you back then. Those days that was exactly my approach.

At the meeting everyone was sitting in silence. More than ten people… and me. Head down. Looking to the ground. Waiting for the meeting and, most importantly, for my 9 to 5 to end. Waiting for that magical time where I would take a bus back home to sit in front of a different computer, 6 to 12. Life was good.

You see, I was a very different person back then. No confidence, no achievements. Long list of insecurities. I had no courage (or even interest) to say out loud what was on my mind regarding that missed opportunity for a training trip.

Did I even care? I don’t think so. And yet, I mumbled something out loud…

To this day I am not sure what I was thinking or what was my motivation to open my mouth. I don’t know. It just happened. Looking back at this – it’s been close to 10 years now – I don’t think I even realized I said anything a all. I was positive it was just a thought in my head, not that I actually spoke.

But it was heard.

My turning point

People looked at me, taken by surprise (does it speak?). I could relate to the feeling, trying to figure out what just happened. My manager smiled.

And it changed everything. It started a whole chain of events.. It took me places. It stirred some envy in that room as well… (I still remember those stares.) That single sentence, changed the course of my life. Because I spoke up when it mattered most.

(read on further down below to find out what I actually said…)

What if I did not say anything? If I would conform to my usual instincts telling me to shut up and avoid attention? My life would take a very different direction and you would not be reading this.

What about you? Do you speak up when it matters most? So let’s talk about you.

Who are you?

You realize how important it is for your well-being in life to communicate clearly, effectively and with confidence. You want to enhance your business and social life by learning skills and applying techniques used by people who are intentionally excellent at speaking in front of or with others. But there are some obstacles on the way…

What problems do you have?

Fear. Shyness. Insecurities. Lack of preparation. Missed opportunities in life. Both at work and in your social circles (trust me, I know). But hey. It’s not your fault. Most people suffer from these. Because most people are never shown HOW, not to mention WHY, they should act on these issues. But you want to take action because you know the moments when you have to say something in front of others can be, and usually are, the turning points of your life or career. And you are right.

How can I help you?


You want to speak with clarity, confidence and, of course, effectively. To reach your goals in life where, even when you try hard, you cannot not communicate. I want to help you succeed in your daily life, by using skills, techniques and knowledge that will make you speak clearly, help you reach your goals and do it all with confidence.

Who am I?

013_WM - Copy

I do not claim to have all the answers, but I sure try hard to close that gap. I am fascinated by how our life can be enriched by mastering the subtle nuances of social communication.

I am a trainer. I run sales, negotiation and speaking classroom trainings across 15+ countries in Europe, ranging from UK to Russia. I travel quite a bit.

I am a teacher. I created, and now teach, Public Speaking at International Management Master Studies at WSB University in Wroclaw. High fives to my students.

I am a speaker. In 2012 I co-founded the first English-speaking Toastmaster’s club in Wroclaw city, which helps people develop their public speaking skills.

Most importantly, I am a life-long learner. And I want to share what I know with you. Active in corporate, university and self-development fields, I enjoy combining best of these worlds to help you bring your business and social communications to the next level.

So what did I mumble back then in that meeting? 

“It’s a shame no one will go there…”

And they’ve sent me.

Welcome to the site.


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