FreeBe Case Study materials

Here you can download case study visual materials to include in your speech. It is not mandatory to use PowerPoint!

Speech Preparation Form

Use this if you need to start fresh:

Additional reading

Reading material to support topics/content discussed during the class:

Research mentioned

Additional reading on some of the research mentioned in class. Some of this is highly accademical! Proceed with caution.

Books recommended

Great books on (but not only) aspects of speaking clearly, effectively and with confidence. I suggest starting with the ones in bold.

  • Talk Like TED, Carmine Gallo
  • Challenger Sale, Brent Adamson, Matthew C. Dixon
  • Conversations That Win, Tim Riesterer, Erik Peterson
  • Thinking Fast and Slow, Daniel Kahneman
  • Start With Why, Simon Sinek
  • Influence, Robert Cialdini
  • The Definitive Book of Body Language, Allan, Barbara Pease
  • What Every Body is Saying, Joe Navarro
  • To Sell Is Human, Daniel H. Pink
  • Predicatbly Irrational, Dan Ariely
  • The Mind of the Customer, Richard Hodge, Lou Schachter
  • Brain Rules, John Medina
  • How to Talk to Anyone, Leil Lowndes
  • Three Value Conversations, Tim Riesterer, Erik Peterson
  • The Heart of Change, Dan Kotter
  • Whiteboard Selling, Corey Sommers
  • Speak to Win, Brian Tracy
  • Made to Stick, Chip Heath, Dan Heath
  • Presentation Zen, Garr Reynolds
  • Blink, Malcolm Gladwell
  • The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell
  • Purple Cow, Seth Godin


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