Do you know that speaking clearly, effectively and with confidence is essential to your success in life? I know you do, and yet...

...You Still Have Done Nothing to Benefit From These Skills?

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Piotr Wieczerzak Development Manager at NewVoiceMedia

A step forward in my career

I attended Wojciech's public speaking class. This has been an incredible experience. Now I have knowledge and skills that will help me move a step forward in my career and allow me to attend conferences as a speaker. I can honestly say, these has been the best class I have ever attended in my entire life.

Our students learned how to get an edge

Thanks to Wojciech our students know how to get an edge in their careers by changing the way they communicate when it matters most. He is a passionate communications expert and extremely personable and reliable person. Highly recommended to anyone interested in improving public speaking and presentation skills.

Magdalena Kozula  International Student Assistant at WSB Wroclaw

About the Author

My name is Wojciech Mendyka, a business trainer, facilitator and teacher specializing in effective and confident communication.

My life's work is showing smart and ambitious people like you how to communicate effectively and speak for success. With confidence.

For a big part of my life I have been the exact opposite of the above​. I was missing all the opportunities and never, ever raised my hand.

But I managed to change that.

Now I want to show people like you how you can do the same. How to easily help your life and career by speaking clearly, effectively and with confidence. To never miss an opportunity again.

Are you missing out on these opportunities too?

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