Yesterday I worked on updating the set of lecture materials for my class on Public Speaking. This is the curriculum I have created for International Management Master Studies at WSB Wroclaw.

It’s been a while since I looked into these. They’ve been lying dormant for at least half a year since I have finished that semester at the beginning of 2016.

I had a few good ideas on what to change or update. As I began to introduce these changes into the material I quickly realized how difficult it was to stop myself from changing everything else.

You see, I have this thing for perfection. I really do. I work on every font, every word, every detail. I need… to… make it… perfect…

Now don’t get me wrong, ATD (attention to detail) has taken me a long way in life. It’s useful. However it is not always economically reasonable.

Here I was attempting to do the same old thing. Should I change this picture? Maybe let’s exchange these two paragraphs? What about the color of the headers? Geez.

Seeing what was happening I had to ask myself a few questions:

  • Does this bring any extra value? Sure… Perhaps some. Ok, minuscule at best.
  • Has the old version worked last year? It sure did.
  • Will new students this year be able to tell the difference? Of course not. They have not seen it before.
  • Is this really the best use of my time? Probably not. So many other projects…

Wrapping my head around these conclusions I decided to only focus on big changes, implement them and move on to the next big thing – designing a new class for MBA students this year.

Perhaps I can put my ATD skills to good use there.

Do you suffer from perfectionism? I am curious to learn what strategies work for you to combat this nasty enemy of progress.

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