The Golden Circle method was popularized by Simon Sinek in his 2009 TED Talk. In his talk Simon focused on how true leadership works. The way I see it, the Golden Circle can be utilized to provide guidance in how to assess anything in life. 

It is simple, nifty idea. Three questions. What, How and Why. Like in here:


The trick lies in the order in which you ask them.

Naturally, you are tempted to start from the outside. When faced with a problem you often ask yourself: What do I need to do? Then follow with: How do I need to do it? Sometimes, you would ask Why too…

Unfortunately, by following this order you may lock yourself out of discovering the best solutions. You start with result in mind, but see no purpose. No big picture. No vision.

An old Japanese proverb says it best: Vision without action is a daydream, but action without vision is a nightmare.

Nowadays I find it to be more true than ever. From every angle you are bombarded with band-aid, quick-fix solutions, especially on-line:

  • 10 quick steps to becoming rich
  • 7 simple things you need to do now to win
  • 27 tips for achieving success in life

You see it everywhere. That’s all action. Do now. But start applying these things without some sort of understanding, without vision, without asking why and you are in for a big problem. Perhaps not a nightmare.

Maybe just a failure.

Only by starting with why, you can end up with the right what. If you get why you do something right, you will get what you need to do right as well. And much better than reverse.

We all need to look at problems from the inside out. In our self-development. In our careers. In life. Understanding why we do what we do is key.

Wojciech is a trainer, teacher and life-long learner on the topic of effective communication. He believes that speaking clearly, effectively and with confidence is essential to our success and taking advantage of all life’s opportunities. READ MORE
  • I do agree. “27 tips for achieving success in life”, but nobody even ask what the success is.

    • Indeed. On the other hand I think there is no point in asking. Nobody is going to tell you what success is. So subjective. Years ago I also contemplated what success meant for me. I’ve stumbled across the idea of ‘states of being’. I will explain.

      In general it is difficult to define success, therefore it is likewise difficult to realize if you have achieved it. State of being is not a goal itself, but rather how you wish to feel or what you wish to experience. If you break it down and name these states, it becomes much easier to realize if you have perhaps already achieved success.

      My desired states of being are: autonomy in my work and commitments, opportunities for growth in areas important to me and the feeling of doing something that matters and creates value.

      Whenever I feel all three of them, I know I am successful, without having to refer to any kind of definition of “success”.

      • Wojtek I know you know 🙂
        but it is not about you, but in general about people.

  • So true! And you might enjoy this related post over at Podium Wisdom.